Ventrolla project improves sight of former Manchester Royal Eye Hospital


Period window specialist revamps former hospital as it becomes base for biomedical sector

A renowned eye hospital celebrating its bicentenary this year has been given expert help to retain its heritage by leading period window specialist, Ventrolla.

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is now housed in a new modern building, but its former base, boasting a Victorian Grade II listed facade, remains in Oxford Road.

Citylabs, a new biomedical centre of excellence is being developed there, using both the frontage of the former hospital building and a 94,000sq ft building at the rear.

For this latest chapter in the building’s history a major operation was required to provide quality replacement windows in keeping with its heritage.

The £320,000 project led by Ventrolla involved 130 windows in total. Some 30% were renovated and 70% fitted with double-glazed replacements, with Ventrolla’s patented Sash Removal System (SRS) also installed.

The unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) was then fitted to combat draughts and reduce external noise. The sash cords were replaced, pulleys serviced, and sashes correctly balanced to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the windows.

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Ric Burgess of Lend Lease, contractor for the Citylabs development, said: “ “As the old hospital is such an important building, it was essential to get the right team in to do the job, and Ventrolla did just that.”

Ventrolla project improves sight of former Manchester Royal Eye Hospital