Ubisense awarded two projects by SBRI Healthcare


Schemes to improve processes in NHS accident and emergency departments

Ubisense Group, a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, has been awarded two projects to adapt its Dimension4 real-time precision tracking technology and SmartSpace software platform into products that significantly reduce the pressures facing Accident and Emergency (A&E) units.

The only business to be awarded two projects in this call by the NHS England-funded initiative, SBRI Healthcare; Ubisense is now developing solutions to specifically help co-ordinate admissions in real-time and aid longer-term resource planning.

Ubisense’s technology is already employed by over half of the major global automotive companies to monitor, control and optimise their complex assembly processes in challenging manufacturing environments. Through in-depth research and work with the world-renowned Addenbrooke's Hospital; Ubisense recognised a number of parallels between the ad-hoc, non-linear processes required by modern manufacturing and those employed every day in A&E departments. These new projects will utilise the same proven techniques embodied in the Ubisense ‘Smart Factory’ range of products to generate efficiency and visibility benefits for hospitals.

Paul Webster, vice president of manufacturing, said: “We’ve been looking for the right opportunity to utilise our solutions outside the manufacturing industry and there are many areas across the healthcare sector where our technology can deliver real advantages. Working in conjunction with experts from the NHS and Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) allows us to explore this in more detail and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of our work.”

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