The new noraplan Iona rubber covering is opening up completely new design options


Completely new design options thanks to innovative technology

The new noraplan Iona rubber covering is opening up completely new design options

With the new noraplan lona rubber covering, now so many different graphic designs can be integrated into the rubber flooring. This is possible due to a special manufacturing method: The requested design is incorporated into the covering during vulcanisation at a high temperature and under a large pressure - for a permanently attractive look that will last for decades.

A different effect depending on the colour combination

The name of the new covering corresponds to the Spanish word for canvas. ‘This sums up the advantages of noraplan lona nicely’, said Product Manager Dirk Oswald. ‘The flooring forms the basis in its base colour, with different designer colours, the planner can bring his/her ideas to life - The effect in the room is very different depending on the colour combination and vantage point.’ Metaphorically, and based on the product name, this means: The flooring in its base colour is the canvas, which obtains its individual character through the colour combination choice and, in this way, becomes a work of art. noraplan lona is also all-rubber. That’s why pushing objects such as beds or food trollies in hospitals and chairs or tables in schools doesn’t do any damage to the robust covering. As a result, the rubber covering is also recommended for heavily used areas in healthcare and education, as well as for other public buildings. In addition, the newest member of the noraplan family impresses with the tried-and-tested qualities of rubber, such as good ergonomics and excellent acoustics, and is harmless, as well as eco-friendly.

24 different colours

As always at nora systems, international architect workshops were involved in the preliminary stages of developing noraplan lona. ‘As a rule, we make sure that the colour collection works equally well in all markets and cultural spheres’ emphasised Dieter Rischer from the nora Product Development department. 'The non-directional, subtle design, was well received everywhere - from Germany to the USA and China to Dubai. The planners themselves also confirm this. Interior designer Sylvia Leydecker, owner of 100% interior studio in Cologne and Vice-President of the Association of German Interior Designers (BDIA), took part in one of the workshops and was involved in putting the product’s final colours together. She sees lots of potential for noraplan Iona: ‘The look is an accomplished combination of monochromaticity and structure - perfect for meeting interior design and functional requirements.' noraplan lona is available in 24 basic colours in the standard range. The 12 neutral grey, brown and beige shade are complemented by 12 attractive accent colours, which have an effect that is saturated, yet subdued at the same time.

The product will be officially launched on January 16, 2017 at BAU in Munich.

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