Safe, low-cost, easy transportation of blood samples


SpeciSafe packs provide a safe and compliant mailing solution for Category B samples

With strict regulations applying to the transportation of biological samples such as blood, specimens need to be transported in UN3373-compliant packaging.

The new SpeciSafe packs, now available from Alpha Laboratories, provide a safe, convenient, economical and compliant mailing solution for Category B samples.

SpeciSafe secondary packaging has an internally-bonded super-absorbent lining within a single-piece shock-resistant container. Simply insert a 95kPa blood vial and place the whole pack directly in a padded envelope or bag ready for posting.

The efficient SpeciSafe lining soaks up any fluid from leaking vials in seconds. The material is so absorbent that 1sq m retains as much as 20 litres of liquid. Once the lining has absorbed its maximum volume of liquid, it creates a watertight barrier and effectively seals the SpeciSafe pack eliminating the risk of any leakage from the secondary container.

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SpeciSafe packs are available in a range of designs to fit perfectly around commonly-used 95 kPa sample vessels, including packs for one, three, four or five sample containers covering the commonly-used blood vials, including Vacutainer, Vacuette and Vacutest, among others. One side is made of clear plastic to enable visibility of sample details without unpacking and to provide visible spillage indication to protect the user.