Rubber floors for OT ergonomics


The operating theatres of a hospital play a key role in its business success.

The operating theatres of a hospital play a key role in its business success. The choice of quality, long lasting materials for the construction or renovation of OTs therefore constitutes a crucial economic factor. This holds true in particular for the floor covering, which in addition must fulfil stringent hygiene requirements. Floor coverings of rubber as they are offered by nora combine the solutions to all of these diverse requirements. Owing to their extremely dense surfaces, they can be cleaned and completely disinfected with ease. Not only that, rubber floors also present advantages in the form of long lasting and outstanding ergonomic properties.

Permanent resilience makes standing less of a strain

Workplace ergonomics plays a role of growing importance in the fitting out of operating theatres – for a good reason. The strain on the musculoskeletal system of OT staff standing for long periods can cause painful tension in the muscles and degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs and the facet joints. A decisive factor for standing comfort lies in the consistency of the floor covering. The body tires more easily on hard surfaces than on resilient floorings. Owing to the high permanent resilience, doctors and OT staff find it easier to stand for hours, and there is perceptibly less strain on their backs and joints. This is how nora floorings promote a healthy working environment. In the face of the nationwide shortage of skilled OT staff, this proves a crucial competitive factor for clinics recruiting qualified workers. Recently, the report “OP-Personalreport Pflege” surveyed the workers at over 150 hospitals with operating theatres. The findings show that operating theatres are faced with huge problems when filling vacancies. And in turn, these recruitment difficulties have a considerable effect on OT performance, and hence the cost effectiveness of the whole hospital. The ergonomic layout of workplaces for creating a positive working environment is one of the essential factors towards job satisfaction.

Uncoated and cost effective

Yet another major advantage: nora rubber floorings do not need any coatings, neither before delivery nor at any time thereafter. Other resilient floor coverings have to be treated regularly as soon as the surface coating has been scratched, becomes stained, or wears down, costing both much time and money. Besides the costs of recoating and disposing of cleaning solutions, another huge problem is presented by the areas in the building that must then be cordoned off. Most clinics are unwilling to accept these idle times, especially when their operating theatres are affected. Uncoated nora floor coverings not only save time and money, they also do not disrupt any of the hospital operations, and that 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outstanding hygiene qualities

How well the floor coverings can be disinfected is also of great significance for a comprehensive hygiene concept in OTs. Moreover, nora rubber floor coverings are impervious to stains and resistant to surface disinfectants listed by the Disinfectant Commission of the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) and the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Brief exposure to solvents, diluted acids, or lyes does not leave any lasting traces either. A study by the Hygiene Institute of Heidelberg University confirmed that floors fitted free of gaps with nora rubber coatings can be fully disinfected.

The electrostatically dissipative floor coverings from nora have proved ideal for OTs and are available in a range of qualities, colours, and designs.

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