Point-of-care disposable HIV test launched


Omega Diagnostics unveils 40-minute semi-quantitative flow test

Omega Diagnostics Group has announced the launch of a ground-breaking new point-of-care disposable test for the detection of HIV.

VISITECT CD4 detects CD4 T-cell levels and was developed by the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

An easy-to-use semi-quantitative lateral flow test, it uses a finger-prick blood sample to produce a visual result in 40 minutes, enabling patients to receive life-saving antiretroviral treatment before leaving the clinic.

Minimal training is required and no additional instruments are necessary, eliminating the need for sophisticated equipment, expensive reagents and highly-trained personnel.

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Andrew Shepherd, founder and chief executive of Omega Diagnostics, said: “This test overcomes many of the limitations commonly associated with the traditional technique of flow cytometry, offering a cost-effective means of obtaining immediate CD4 results. Establishing when a patient should commence therapy will improve health and help to reduce transmission of the virus, benefiting the entire population.”