PENTAX Medical launches new MagniView range


x136 optical magnification with HD+ and i-scan offers detailed inspection and characterisation of suspicious areas

PENTAX Medical has announced the launch of the new MagniView range, combining up to x136 optical magnification with HD+ and i-scan to support clinicians with amazingly-detailed inspection and characterisation of suspicious areas.


The MagniView optical zoom technology smoothly magnifies the HD+, high quality video image up to 136 times to support detailed observation of surface structure and microvasculature to enable meticulous inspection of possible lesions. 


Maintaining a consistently clear zoom image, a rubber distal hood enables clinicians to easily maintain the optimal distance from the distal end to the mucosal surface. Inbuilt water jet technology also ensures clear imaging during procedures.


The new MagniView range features the EG-2990Zi Gastroscope and the EC-3890Zi Colonoscope which are available in a choice of three working lengths, 1300mm/1500mm/1700mm.


Designed for routine use as fully-functional endoscopes with optical magnification capabilities, the MagniView range has the same working channel and outer diameter as conventional endoscopes. With easy positioning and magnification control, advanced ergonomics, maximised tip deflection and graduated flexibility of the insertion tube, the zoom scopes increase both patient and clinician comfort.


Consultant gastroenterologist at University College Hospital, London, Dr Rehan Haidry, said of the new PENTAX MagniView Gastroscope. "PENTAX has done very well to add another fantastic scope to its already impressive armoury. The new zoom scope utilises a soft cap to enhance the close focus and maintain clarity across the various i-scan modes.<.p>  Sign up for your free email newsletter

“In the context of Barrett's related neoplasia, the zoom scope has been outstanding at demonstrating irregular mucosal and vascular patterns consistent with dysplasia. This not only helps to target sampling of these sites, but also to target endotherapy to these areas. I am looking forward to using it further over the coming months."