Multi-purpose interventional imaging system installed at Kingston Hospital


Artis zee aids angiography and fluroscopy examinations

Kingston Hospital has installed an Artis zee Multi-Purpose (MP) interventional imaging system for barium examinations, paediatric, musculoskeletal and general fluoroscopy procedures.

The system is located in the radiology department and replaces existing equipment, which the hospital had been using for 15 years.

The range of clinical applications offered by the system includes full digital subtraction angiography (DSA), making it suitable for a wide range of angiography and fluoroscopy examinations and helping to improve departmental workflow.

The department is also making use of the advanced dose-saving applications delivered as part of the system, including combined applications to reduce exposure (CARE) and advanced image post-processing. The added benefit of the integrated cross-hair laser light is further helping to enhance needle guidance in the interventional suite and proving useful during hysterosalpingography (HSG) and paediatric procedures.

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“The main benefits have been the brilliant dose reduction, excellent picture quality and fantastic post processing capabilities where the platforms are not only quick but are also intuitive,” said Amanda Kenevin, superintendent radiographer at Kingston Hospital. “Both radiologists and radiographers have commented on the system’s ease of use and flexibility, which simultaneously allows us to see patients more quickly and run with a wider range of services.”