Kingston Hospital deploys paediatric diabetes care system


Hicom paediatric diabetes care management solution provides data management and communication tool

Kingston Hospital NHS Trust has gone live with, a web-based paediatric diabetes care management solution.

The technology, from Hicom, provides an efficient data management and communication tool for the effective care and treatment of children with diabetes.

A application, it includes a comprehensive diabetes-related electronic health record tailored to the needs of paediatric specialists, as well as administrative and audit tools. The diabetes team at Kingston Hospital will use Twinkle.NET to provide accurate and timely data reports on patient care and to demonstrate their eligibility for funding.

Jane Gwynne, clinical nurse specialist in paediatric diabetes at the trust, said: “We anticipate that Twinkle.NET will provide multiple benefits to the diabetes team especially with auditing and submitting data for the Best Practice Tariff, potentially unlocking vital funding. We are working really hard to meet all of the requirements of the tariff and there is no doubt that Twinkle.NET will aid this.”

Kingston Hospital’s diabetes team provides care for 148 paediatric patients throughout their childhood, with patients ranging from between four and 18 years old. With the increasingly stringent healthcare standards that are now in place within paediatric diabetes departments, Twinkle.NET helps hospitals to monitor and manage patient care and data effectively to ensure that they are providing the best possible child healthcare.

Gwynne said: “Previously we were struggling to maintain all of the required information in one place, to submit the data for the National Diabetes Audit, and more recently the Best Practice Tariff. We wanted to be set up a database where we could collect all the information that would be held in one place rather than have it in lots of different places.

“We decided internally that we needed a database that captured paediatric data rather than asking us irrelevant questions.”

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The four members or the diabetes team at Kingston; the consultant paediatrician, the paediatric dietician and two diabetes nurses have been fully trained to use Twinkle.NET to allow the reporting of information in real time to ensure accuracy of data and improve with the auditing of this information.