Introducing Enviropod - the lid collector


Leafield Environmental takes on Square Mile Challenge to re-use millions of discarded cups and lids

Having launched Envirocup XL, a new cup collection and recycling bin that can accommodate every size of disposable cup up to 103mm in diameter, Leafield Environmental now introduces the Enviropod to stand alongside it.

The Enviropod is a stylish recycling bin specifically designed for the collection of plastic cup lids.

The need for such a bin was highlighted by Simply Cups, the UK's only collection and recycling service dedicated to turning paper cups into second-life materials.

The Simply Cups scheme seeks address the UK’s fastest-growing waste stream: the estimated 2.5 billion paper drinking cups disposed of each year, many, or even most, of which are accompanied by a plastic lid.

“In order for the scheme to succeed we needed an efficient means of collecting the cups and a separate receptacle to segregate the plastic lids,” said Maddie Hickman, Simply Cups scheme manager.

“We identified the need for lid collection and Leafield was quick to respond with a design that complements the Envirocup XL cup collection bin that is playing a significant role in the London Square Mile Challenge.”

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The Square Mile Challenge aims to collect and recycle half a million cups a month. In the future, the scheme will also ensure that the plastic lids themselves become a further reusable material stream.