Intravenous Therapy - Mobile Infusion & Pump Stands


Bristol Maid has established itself as market leader when it comes to understanding and developing innovative solutions that will assist the delivery of intravenous therapy. Holding an impressive portfolio with models suitable for use with conventional gravity using an infusion stand as well as those for use with syringe & pump drivers mounted onto specialist pump stands.

The polyurethane, easy clean range of infusion stands sets the bar when it comes to fit, form and function, featuring a five leg base with low centre of gravity to assist stability, whilst a unique polyurethane overmoulding, provides a water and impact resistant finish, allowing for easy and effective cleaning. 50mm polypropylene / thermoplastic rubber twin-wheel non-marking castors are fitted throughout, whilst an optional handle keeps feet clear of the base, assists manoeuvrability and improves patient safety.

Colour indicator caps available in spearmint, blue, green, red and yellow assists department identification and reduces the risk of cross contamination. Infusion bags are suspended on a height adjustable upright fitted with two / four pigtail hooks, featuring a unique design to ensure that bags can be placed on easily without risk of tearing, however, importantly cannot be knocked off accidentally. The polyurethane range is suitable for use with up to 4kg on the hooks and 4kg on the fixed upright.

Where syringe & pump drivers are used to treat patients for extended periods of time, we recommend that a specialist pump stand is used. The mild steel, four leg range features a fully welded base and is fitted with 75mm polypropylene / thermoplastic rubber twin-wheel castors. Syringe and pump drivers can be attached to either a 32mm diameter upright or 25mm diameter pump support bows.

Infusion bags are supported on a height adjustable upright fitted with four U shaped hooks. Stands are suitable for use with up to 12kg on the hooks and 22kg on the fixed upright/s.

Information on Bristol Maid’s entire range of infusion & pump stands can be found here.

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