Hand hygiene and protective disposables in one innovative station


www.JustGloves.co.uk unveils purpose-built solution for gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser

Disposable gloves supplier, www.JustGloves.co.uk has launched an innovative workplace hand hygiene and disposables station that allows staff in sterile environments easy access to hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, and disposable aprons at the point of need.

Catering for different hand sizes, the station will hold up to three boxes of 100 disposable gloves, as well as providing dispensers for disposable aprons and advanced rub or foam hand sanitiser.

It is manufactured from tough 1.5mm rigid plastic, allowing it to withstand continuous use in busy environments and it can be simply wiped clean with disinfection wipes as part of any cleaning routine.

Each cost-effective station is supplied will pre-drilled mounting holes and wall-mount fixings as standard, with the dark-blue and white colour scheme providing clear and easy-to-read messaging.

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