Ferno launches EasyFix Vacuum Mattress


Revolutionary new body shape sets new standards in vacuum mattress immobilisation

Ferno has launched a new vacuum mattress for the emergency services and mountain search and rescue sector.

EasyFix is ideal for immobilising patients who have suffered trauma to the spine, pelvis or limbs, and uses a new V-shaped body design to optimise the vacuum mattress capabilities while a ground-breaking X-shape restraint system immobilises the upper body and/or hips and pelvis, creating a versatile solution for transporting patients.

The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust is one of the first in the country to take delivery of the new mattresses after Ferno secured an order for 250.

Richard Lee, head of clinical services for the trust, said: “We have added a vacuum mattress to the standard equipment list on all 250 of our emergency ambulances across Wales. This additional equipment will allow us to improve our management of spinal injuries, both at the incident scene and during longer transfers to specialist trauma facilities.”

A unique chamber design and body shape, with built-in rigid upper supports, holds the patient in the correct position more securely than other vacuum mattress designs and a reinforced base plate offers more protection and support to the patient’s upper back, neck and head.

Jon Ellis, managing director of Ferno (UK), said: “The innovation which has gone into developing the EasyFix mattress takes patient immobilisation to a new level. Immobilisation is delivered exactly where and when it is needed, allowing patients to be transported safely and securely while minimising their discomfort.

“In addition, to support our ethos of taking the weight off our customers and making their lives easier, we have put a great deal of thought into its user-friendliness and how we can minimise the risk of injury to users when lifting and carrying.

“However sophisticated an immobilisation technique may be, it also needs to be quick and easy to use. As a result, the strap mechanisms are easily adjustable and the suction devices fit directly on to the vacuum mattress valve so there is no time wasted attaching adaptors. The mattress comes with 10 ergonomically-designed handles to give smooth handling and it folds up easily, taking up 20% less space than other vacuum mattress designs, to offer easy storage.”

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Other benefits of the EasyFix vacuum mattress include:

  • Double layered material which helps maintain vacuum for longer
  • High carrying capacity, with a load limit of 250kg
  • X-ray and MRI translucent meaning there is no need to move the patient to another device for diagnosis
  • Manufactured from polyester fibre and PVC coated vinyl meaniong it is easy to clean and maintain