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Forbo Flooring's vinyl sheet collection updated to include new colourways and designs

Having been the ‘go-to’ general purpose sheet vinyl collection for over 17 years, Forbo Flooring Systems’ Eternal collection has recently been updated to include a selection of colourways and designs that reflect the latest trends, including a popular terrazzo and marble aesthetic, as well as an improved digitally-printed offer.

Split into three categories: Wood, Material and Colour, the Eternal collection has been refreshed to align its colour palette with other ranges found within Forbo’s large portfolio, allowing specifiers, contractors, and end users to create contemporary, integrated flooring schemes for a wide variety of application areas.

Within the Wood category, there are now 31 realistic designs to choose from, 15 of which are completely new. This includes a new customisable option, whereby colourful planks can be added to the wooden effect Gymfloor, as well as a new Hungarian Point design, which is akin to the popular herringbone design found within Forbo’s Allura LVT range.

There are also many new designs to choose from within the Eternal Material portfolio.

And the selection of concrete designs has been expanded and features a new unique PUR Concrete embossing for a true-to-life, authentic aesthetic, which still remains easy to clean and maintain.

The new colourways include Rainbow, a design that shows different tones morphing through either a light, medium or dark colour spectrum

The new colourways include Rainbow, a design that shows different tones morphing through either a light, medium or dark colour spectrum

Reflecting the move towards more-natural interior finishes, the collection sees the addition of a new sleek and contemporary marble design, as well as a completely-customisable terrazzo option, whereby different colour chips can be chosen.

Janet Lowe, head of marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, said: “In addition to our newly-improved Wood and Material categories, the biggest change can be found within the Eternal Colour range.

“Before developing this range, we ran a series of workshops with our designers to ensure that the new palette would have a consistent colour story to those found within our other ranges, such as Sphera homogeneous vinyl, Step safety flooring and Flotex flocked flooring, to help our customers easily combine products to create impressive and functional integrated spaces.

“Subsequently, we have now introduced over 30 new shades to the Eternal Colour collection, meaning that there is now a very-broad palette of hues to choose from, including two customisable designs: Rainbow and Paint.

“As the names suggest, Rainbow is a design that shows different tones morphing through either a light, medium or dark colour spectrum. Paint, on the other hand, is a playful design that looks similar to paint strokes, which again, can be chosen in light, medium or dark tones.”

Furthermore, each range found within the Eternal collection has a selection of designs that can be co-ordinated with Forbo’s STEP safety flooring range, meaning specifiers, contractors and end users don’t need to compromise on integrated design, when it comes to ensuring safety underfoot.

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Designed and manufactured in Forbo’s European factory using 100% electricity from renewable resources, Eternal contains at least 60% recycled material in the backing. It is also 100% phthalate free, contributing to the creation of better environments in which to work, live, interact, relax, heal, learn and play in.