Electrolux Professional unveils breakthrough heat pump dryer


Revolutionary technology allows customers to save up to 60% energy for more cost-efficient dry cycles

Electrolux Professional has announced the launch of its new Heat Pump Dryer series (T5190LE).

Professional laundries want a solution that saves energy and costs while providing high productivity and best quality; and the new T5190LE not only offers up to 60% energy savings compared to standard models, but also has one of the best proven performance on the market.

The new Heat Pump Dryer was developed with contributions from users and experts in the professional laundry field all over the world. Their insights and know how have helped drive improvements in engineering, ergonomics and design.

The inspiring design increases the efficiency of the process and allows easy and fast access for maintenance and repair. It also enables the easiest and most-flexible installation due to the fact that no exhaust or ventilation is needed. Additionally it has one of the smallest footprints in the market and reduced noise level. These benefits are complemented by the water-save-valve which secures system cooling, therefore ensuring same drying effectiveness independent of room temperature.

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Instead of releasing its heat into the surrounding, Electrolux’s Heat Pump Dryer conserves much of it, making this solution efficient and ecological. This provides clients with substantial savings and real benefits in a number of areas:

  • Ease of maintenance and service. The Easy Clean System with unique horizontal three filter solution keeps the machine clean and minimises maintenance. The design is simple and easy to clean, making it the easiest one to use
  • If extended maintenance or servicing is needed, the Heat Pump box can easily be extracted from the machine for fast and convenient access to vital parts. This solution makes servicing of the machine faster than ever. In chosen markets, the Heat Pump unit can be replaced by a new, clean one in 10 minutes, which will not only save time and money, but also extend the lifetime of the machine
  • The unique Plug-and-Perform installation adds even more to the flexibility of the machine. There is no exhaust needed, heating of the room is minimal, and the footprint of the machine is the same as for a conventional dryer. This means that the solution is adaptable to a diverse range of situations, fitting into the smallest spaces Furthermore, its Compass Pro user interface also ensures a high degree of user-friendliness by displaying exactly which filter needs to be cleaned
  • The unique technology of the T5190LE decreases energy consumption by more than a half compared to conventional dryers with class A energy label. But while this means a drying cycle of up to two hours, for other heat pump dryers Electrolux’s T5190LE model only takes 51 minutes to complete the full load cycle. This provides clients with real energy, costs and time savings
  • With Residual Moisture Control the system measures the exact moisture content throughout the process and stops when the set moisture level is achieved. The moisture level can be adapted depending on the type of garment. This means that over drying is prevented and that the drying time is shorter leading to energy savings
  • The T5190LE has been tested in extensive field, lab and life-time tests ensuring high durability and quality. Designed for 30,000 cycles, the machine ensures the same drying effectiveness independent of room temperature thanks to the unique water cooling system
  • Electrolux Professional offers the most-extensive service network of skilled, authorised partners for daily tasks: installation, spare parts and maintenance. All provide efficient customer service and fast technical assistance. A global service network is available for prompt, expert advice worldwide.