Electrolux Professional launches Line 5000 series washer extractors and tumble dryers


New range provides lowest cost per wash and improved reliability

Electrolux Professional has announced the global launch of its Line 5000 series washer extractors and tumble dryers, specially designed to meet the demanding needs of the hospital and care laundries.

The new range has been shaped with contributions from users and experts in the professional laundry field all over the world, whose insights and know-how helped drive improvements in product mechanics, ergonomics and design. Special attention has been given to the particular challenges faced by professionals, including those in regions with extreme climates, high temperatures or humidity; locations with unstable power supplies; and even areas affected by rodent populations.

“Our close association with professionals has helped shape our design, ensuring it matches real user needs,” said Esther Staskiewicz, head of marketing at Electrolux Professional.

“We have developed innovations that ensure the new Line 5000 range offers the lowest cost per wash, an unrivalled reliability, durability and flexibility to meet customer needs. This new generation of built-to-last equipment will not only provide best linen quality and control, but will make work life easier and deliver savings over time.”

Line 5000 enables users to gain full control over linen hygiene, with intelligent technologies and unique features like Hygiene Watchdog, which ensures the programme is complete before allowing unloading.

All washer extractors and tumble dryers combine forward-thinking technology with green benefits and cost-reducing features and are made to be 95% recyclable. In addition, heavy-duty components need less maintenance and a revolutionary unbalance detection system ensures washers have optimum stability. This means quieter, faster operations, better water extraction and lower drying costs.

The Automatic Saving System for washers adjusts the water level to the weight of the laundry, meaning up to 50% in water savings for each half load, as well as energy savings due to less water used to heat. The Residual Moisture Control measures the exact moisture content throughout the process, ensuring energy savings due to shorter drying time. And the Efficient Dosing System is an easy-to-use, automatic calculation of the appropriate detergent amount, meaning that the laundry has the highest quality results while still protecting skin during usage. Ideally combined with Automatic Saving System, the Efficient Dosing System can mean 50% savings in running costs.

User-friendly new Compass Pro interfaces are intuitive, intelligent as well as easy to use, and are available in 18 languages. Compass Pro is the intelligence inside Line 5000 that enables Electrolux to provide customised solutions for every kind of laundry business, offering up to 55 programmes, of which 15 are programmable. It combines with the Certus Management Information System (CMIS), which is process monitoring system allowing users to control and document all operations to achieve ultimate hygiene and cleanliness. The Compass Pro interface also features a USB port to facilitate installation of the latest software updates.

Other user-friendly features include Braille buttons, voice guidance to guide the entire washing and drying process, and multi-language selections.

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The range contains washer extractor models starting at a weight capacity of 6kg/13lb and going up to 60kg/135lb, while the tumble dryer capacities range from 13kg/30lb to 37.5kg/82.7lb.