Easy cleaning, economic care and extreme durability


nora floor coverings with nora cleanguard technology

Nora saves time – and a lot of money

When selecting floor coverings, long-term costs become increasingly more important. The acquisition costs for a floor covering only account for approximately 10% of the entire costs. 90% are paid for care and maintenance during the entire lifetime.

Nora - easy to clean

nora rubber floor coverings have a dense, closed surface from the start, which is obtained by three components:

  • 1. Innovative nora rubber formulations
  • 2. State-of-the-art production technology
  • 3. Post-curing of the rubber surface through the nora cleanguard technology

This combination ensures nora floor coverings are easy to clean and represent the most-economic decision in the long-run.

Easy cleaning, economic care and extreme durability

No coating during the entire period of use

Unlike other types of floor coverings, nora rubber floor coverings do not require any additional coatings or paints.

Thanks to nora cleanguard technology, nora floor coverings can be cleaned cost effectively and easily by wash polishing.

In concrete terms, this means:

  • No formation of pathways
  • No increased dirt contamination in case of worn coating
  • No spalling, scratching and yellowing of the coating
  • No cost- and labour-intensive basic cleaning for the removal of old coatings
  • No problems relating to subsequent disposal of the cleaning water after basic cleaning
  • No application of new coatings with long drying times of 8-12 hours
  • No downtimes caused by the closure of individual areas
Easy cleaning, economic care and extreme durability

nora – rubber through and through – without wearing layer

A comparison of cross-sectional images of different floor covering types taken by a scanning electron microscope clearly show the differences:

PU surfaces only have a thickness of a few micrometers (white layer in fig 2 and 3) and a limited life.

Extremely long lifecycle

nora is rubber to the core: no coating, no wearing layer. The nora cleanguard technology is durable; wear or scratching as with a thin lacquer of film coating is not possible. Therefore, nora rubber floor coverings have an extremely long lifecycle.

Resistance to stains

nora floor coverings made of rubber are resistant to stains. Spilled liquids such as coffee, tea or juice can be easily mopped. The floor coverings are resistant to blood and urine. Iodine-containing products as e.g. skin disinfectants (e.g. Betadin) can be removed easily1). Special cleaning agents were specifically developed for frequently-used special hospital media. For more information visit www.nora.com

Resistance to disinfectants

The nora cleanguard technology is resistant to surface disinfectants according to the disinfectants list of the VAH (List of the Disinfectants Commission in the Association for Applied Hygiene) as well as the list of the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institute).

Huge saving potential

Neutral, independent expert opinions confirm the economy and the huge saving potential when uncoated nora rubber floor coverings are used. Please request our detailed brochure on the economy of nora floor coverings.

Citation of a recommendation of the EU Commission for the green public procurement:

“If the orderers want to find out which products are most cost-effective for them; they must apply the concepts of Life-Cycle Costing (LCC) when making procurement decisions. This means that, not only the initial acquisition costs of a product must be compared, but also all future costs: operating costs (power/water consumption, consumables such as ink or paper), maintenance costs, disposal costs/resale value (…). This means that even if the construction is (…) more expensive, the building would have a shorter payback period and higher return due to lower operating costs (e.g. heating costs)2.

Easy cleaning, economic care and extreme durability


1. For especially persistent or older stains, we offer nora special cleaning agents for stain removal

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2. From the English version: European Commission Green Public Procurement (GPP) Training Toolkit – Module 1: Managing GPP Implementation, Editor: European Commission, Local Governments for Sustainability, 2008.

Easy cleaning, economic care and extreme durability