Durapipe, the cool choice for chilled water


SuperFLO ABS used at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Durapipe UK’s purpose-designed chilled water pipework system, SuperFLO ABS, is a firm favourite with contractors for chilled water installations due to the significant labour time and cost savings that are possible.

With chillers often installed on the roof of a building, the lightweight nature of SuperFLO ABS, approximately a sixth of the weight of steel, makes it quick and easy to transport to the roof, offering significantly-reduced installation times over metal alternatives.

The simple solvent weld jointing technique of SuperFLO ABS also offers further time-saving benefits during the installation process.

One contractor realising the benefits of Durapipe SuperFLO ABS is Metromec, which has recently installed the pipework system as part of an upgrade to the chilled water system at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

In order to cater for future planned expansion works to the hospital, a new chilled water system was required to ensure that the hospital’s air conditioning and ventilation systems can withstand an increase in capacity. As a result, Metromec has installed a new 800kw chiller and required a reliable pipework system to work with the new unit.

Turning to Durapipe UK, Metromec specified SuperFLO ABS to feed the chillers in the primary circuit. Metromec liaised closely with Durapipe’s technical support team to ensure the pipework could meet the restricted access challenges, while minimising the number of trips needed to safely deliver all of the pipework to the roof. As a result, Durapipe supplied SuperFLO ABS in specially produced 2.5m lengths to enable the pipe to be transported in the service lift.

Commenting on the project, Marc Wort from Metromec said: “The main challenge with this project was getting the pipework to the roof, with the limited access posing further complications.

“Durapipe SuperFLO ABS offers significant weight advantages over steel so proved much easier to get up to the roof.

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“Specifically designed for chilled water applications, we knew the pipe system could meet the performance needs, and with the installation benefits that it offered us, it was the ideal pipework system for the project.”