Cook Medical Introduces three new urology products to European market


Uretal access sheath, stone-treating laser and endoscopic visualisation tool unveiled to coincide with international congress

To coincide with the European Association of Urology (EAU) 27th Annual Congress held in Milan this week, Cook Medical has launched three new products from its urology division.

The company has unveiled the Flexor Vue Deflecting Endoscopic System, the H-30 Holmium Laser System, and the Flexor Parallel Rapid Release Ureteral Access Sheath. Each product will play a role in enabling physicians to perform urological procedures, especially stone management, more efficiently.

The Flexor Vue is used to access and visualise body cavities or organs during urological procedures. It is two products in one: the disposable, sterile sheath is used one time only, which decreases the risk of patient-to-patient contamination; and the visualisation source is reusable up to 10 times with the appropriate care.

Although the device is not a replacement for an endoscope in every case, it can be stocked as a sterile product and kept ready for use in the event that an endoscope breaks or is unavailable. It can also help facilities add to the number of procedures they are capable of performing, but without adding to the cost of capital equipment.

The H-30 laser is used to treat stones and strictures in the urinary tract. It features a variable pulse width, which gives physicians control over the laser’s performance without requiring them to pause, restart, or change the energy level. The touchscreen control panel and a green aiming beam are user-friendly features designed to simplify the procedure for the clinician and the operating room staff. An added benefit of the H-30 laser is that the Holmium Laser Fibers use SmartSync technology. This facilitates communication between the fiber and the H-30 to ensure proper power limits are set and to record pertinent case data for diagnostic needs.

The Flexor Parallel Rapid Release Ureteral Access Sheath enables physicians to place just one wire that guides the dilator and acts as a safety wire. The product has a slit on the dilator that guides the wire outside of the sheath. When the dilator is withdrawn, the sheath and the wire guide remain parallel to each other, providing a clear working channel through the sheath. The physician can also choose to place the Flexor Parallel in the same manner as a traditional Flexor sheath.

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“It’s always a pleasure to attend EAU and be a part of the changing landscape of urology,” said Jean-Marc Creissel, global leader of Cook’s urology division. “We’re excited to introduce these three products, which we hope will streamline procedures while saving money for hospitals. We remain committed to providing physicians with simple solutions for their patients.”