Convincing authenticity


New rubber flooring, noraplan value, combines home comfort and functionality

Warmth, comfort, naturalness: these criteria are decisive in interior design – over all areas and beyond the private living space.

The feel-good factor is growing in importance, not only in healthcare and educational facilities, but also in office buildings.

Seen in this context, the trend is turning all the more towards authentic materials. The new rubber flooring noraplan valua from nora systems now combines two aspects, warm colours and natural surface structure, giving rise to a cosy atmosphere in every room.

Like all new products from nora systems, the noraplan valua design is the child of international architects’ workshops. The surface structure imbues the floor with life, providing depth and quality. noraplan valua combines the authenticity of the material rubber with an irregularity based on nature.

Company managing director, Guy Stanton, said: “It is always exciting bringing new products to market, and this is just the start of some inspirational new initiatives from nora.

“New valua is a step forward for nora to a more-natural aesthetic, pleasing the aspirations of our clients and still providing the exceptional durability and walking comfort for which we are renowned.

“With 2 levels of design, valua can be utilised in all sectors, capitalising on the new aesthetic with increased influence in chosen areas and a more-plain design in others.”

The new floor covering scores not only in terms of visual appeal, but also the material properties of its permanently-resilient rubber. It is safe, extremely robust, yet at the same time ergonomic, exhibits outstanding acoustic properties, and can be cleaned with ease.

As a quality product made in Germany, noraplan valua fulfils all of the requirements for a long-lived and sustainable floor covering.

Presenting 32 appealing colours – eight with lighter and 24 with heavier marbling – noraplan valua provides the greatest design potential. On the one hand, nora systems based its colour design on nature. On the other, accentuations were selected to meet the greater demand for colour as a design element on the floor.

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The flooring is available as both classical sheets and tile modules with bevelled edging. Like the other noraplan floorings, noraplan valua is available in thicknesses of 2mm or 3mm.

Convincing authenticity