Carer designs simple ID device for dementia patients


Mediclipz tag ensures help is at hand should dementia sufferers wander or become disorientated

A simple plastic identification clip, which changed the lives of residents with dementia at a Wiltshire care home, is now set to maintain the safety and independence of people with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory or communication-impairing illnesses across the UK.

Invented by senior care home carer, Adeline Dalley, the instantly-recognisable Adz Mediclipz identification tag can be attached to the handle of any mobility device, zimmer frame, walking stick or crutch. It is hoped that it will soon become as familiar as the medical alert systems currently available for people with critical medical conditions.

Hard to remove, the waterproof tag carries the contact numbers of the owner’s carers and their emergency medical details, ensuring that if they do become disorientated, lost or unwell when away from their home environment, they can be assisted by the general public or emergency services as appropriate.

Thirty-two-year-old Adeline Dalley from Warminster, Wiltshire, who has been caring for elderly people for 16 years, said of the invention: “The Mediclipz is a very simple idea, but a life-changing one for many. For a person with a memory-impairing illness it means they can continue to live relatively independently and enjoy a good quality of life with the assurance for themselves and their family that if they were to become confused or in need that help can quickly be at hand.”

The idea for the £9 clip originated from a need to better label zimmer frames and walking sticks at care homes, day centres and hospitals. The standard way of labelling mobility devices in care homes and hospitals is to use sticking tape, but the tape deteriorates, resulting in the name being lost, not only creating confusion, but also a potential safety concern if a resident mistakenly uses a frame that is of the wrong height.

Dalley has a patent pending for the Mediclipz. The labels come in white or yellow, which is often the last colour that someone with dementia can recognise. The clips also fit many brands of scooters and bikes for children.

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£1 of the price of the device is being donated to Alzheimer’s Support in Trowbridge. It is available from Adz Creations.