Capita launches new version of decision support software


Techhnology updates clinical data, improving decision-making around the globe

Capita Healthcare Decisions has launched a new version of software that has powered 80 million patient transactions across the globe.

The company has unveiled a new version of its healthcare decision support software. The software, which is being used as far afield as Ghana, Brazil and Australia, enables healthcare providers across the world to efficiently and safely triage patients and health insurers to accurately assess and assist their customers. It also empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

The software contains two core elements: clinical content that is continuously updated by a team of Capita clinicians and researchers to incorporate the very latest clinical evidence and guidelines; and a decision management system (DMS) providing the means to create, edit and present content and decision pathways.

The new suite of clinical content is available in a range of languages and contains more than 150 algorithms, covering subject matter as wide ranging as dental trauma and newborn infections. All of the content is based on the latest NICE guidelines and it is accredited by The Information Standard and URAC.

The powerful new version of the DMS allows users to both create clinical content and decision pathways, and to present them face to face, by phone, on the web, or on mobile applications. It allows multiple users to create and edit content at the same time improving the ability to swiftly implement new and innovative solutions that reflect the latest clinical practice. The highly-scalable software also now has a unique capability to easily integrate with any other technology such as CRM systems, contact centres, electronic patient records, patient administration systems or web platforms, through a new open application programming interface (API).

For the first time, these elements are now available either individually, to complement or integrate with existing customer systems, or together to provide a complete solution for delivering safe, consistent health assessments and advice.

Dr Jean Challiner, chief medical officer at Capita Healthcare Decisions, said: ”In healthcare, good decision-making is everything. Patient outcomes, safety, service quality and cost effectiveness all depend on accurate, auditable decision-making that is based on the most up-to-date medical knowledge available. This is why we invest heavily in continuously enhancing our clinical content and ensuring our decision support tools are of the very highest quality.”

Andrew Lockwood, managing director, added: “Over the past 15 years our decision support software applications have been used by some of the world's leading healthcare providers to power over 80 million patient transactions. Our software revolutionised access to 24-hour health support and advice here in the UK, but is also being used as far afield as Ghana, Brazil and Australia, making it a real UK export success story. Our new product strategy reflects that fact that we strive, constantly, to ensure not only that our clinical content continues to set best clinical practice, but that our applications work in harmony with the wide range of systems in use in public and private healthcare organisations and insurers across the world.”

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