Bristol Maid supports the treatment of Sepsis


Each year the condition is responsible for the deaths of at least 44,000 people in the UK

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition, triggered by any infection, but most commonly occurs in response to bacterial infections of the lungs, urinary tract, abdominal organs or skin and soft tissues. Caught early, outcomes are excellent. Left unchecked, the patient is likely to spiral to multi-organ failure, septic shock and death. Each year it is responsible for the deaths of at least 44,000 people in the UK.

Once identified, the Sepsis Six provides an operational solution to a set of complex, yet robust guidelines developed by the International Surviving Sepsis Campaign...

  • Give O2 to keep SATS above 94%
  • Take blood cultures
  • Give IV antibiotics
  • Give a fluid challenge
  • Measure lactate
  • Measure urine output

To support the treatment of Sepsis, Bristol Maid offers a range of lockable single & double door trolleys, providing clearly defined locations for equipment used in each of the six stages...

  • Door/s fitted with either an electronic (battery operated) push button or high security bolt lock
  • Door shelves (useful storage for antibiotics etc) & an A4 document holder
  • Six labelled drawers (Oxygen / Blood Cultures / Intravenous Antibiotics / Intravenous Fluid /Haemoglobin & Lactates / Urine Measurement)
  • Optional ‘Sharps Box Holder’ or ‘Universal Sharps Box Bracket Mounting Plate’
  • Upper work surface
  • Push handles incorporate integral buffers
  • 125mm polymer swivel castors
  • Optional security clamp to allow the trolley to be secured to the wall when not in use

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