Bristol Maid medical records trolleys and workstations


The safe & secure storage of medical records is an area that is covered during routine inspections, a crucial part of patient safety.

Through an extensive range, Bristol Maid can provide trolleys & workstations for use within patient treatment areas, i.e. wards, through to solutions for the safe & secure transfer/transportation of notes & records.

  • Medical Records Trolleys
  • Medical Records Workstations
  • Medical Records Transfer Trolleys
  • Medical Records Cabinets
  • Carefile Filing Pockets
  • Laptop Holders

During the past five years, the move towards medical records trolleys & workstations that can be locked has become has become far more noticeable. Developments in locking technology provide users with the choice of traditional keyed locks or the ability to use more advanced electronic push button locks.

The later utilises a 10-button keypad & a 4-digit user code, which can be easily changed in the event of staff changes.

The unit is also fitted with a failure override, where a 9-volt battery can be used to gain access in the event of a low battery.

Laptop & Motion C5 holders have been introduced on all medical records workstations, offering height, rotation & angle adjustment, compatible with laptops 280-435 x 22mm (w x h).

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